Oct 22 2017

Episode 38: Sour Balls

It must be the most wonderful time of the year because John and Spencer have sour balls, and don’t get many blowjobs! We finally tackle the entire Night of the Demons series, and praise Linnea Quigley as the gay icon that she is. But first, we talk about all movies we’ve been watching to get into the spooky mood, including our thoughts on Cult of Chucky, and dish about Laurie Strode and the next Halloween film.

Oct 15 2017

The Halloween Series Rewind: More of the Night He Came Home

We’ll be back next week with a brand new episode about all things Night of the Demons, but in the meantime, get into the spooky mood with a revisit to our countdown of the entire Halloween franchise! Which one is your favorite?

Sep 25 2017

Episode 27: Real Life Hauntings

The season of the witch is fast approaching, so we get in the spooky mood by telling our real life ghost stories, before delving into our favorite movies based on true hauntings! We cap it all off by gushing about the BEST Amityville movie, the demonic incest ladened Amityville II: The Possession! Also discussed, John’s heated thoughts on Darren Aronofsky’s mother!, as well as musings on whether or not to amp up the “gay” to appease others.

Sep 16 2017

Episode 36: Beep Beep, Stephen King!

These two Queens take on the King of horror as we discuss our favorite Stephen King adaptations, as well as our spoiler filled initial thoughts on the cultural phenomenon that is the new IT adaptation. Pennywise is alive and well and kicking ass at the box office! Did your favorite King movie make our lists? Also discussed, our favorite Tobe Hooper movies, and the first episode of American Horror Story: Cult.

Jul 22 2017

Episode 35: You Don’t Have AIDS or Anything, Do Ya?

Jun 15 2017

Episode 34: I Was a Teenage Homo

We’re celebrating Pride month with all things gay! After dishing about this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we brace ourselves and go balls deep into the relevance and importance of positive LGBTQ teen movie portrayals, focusing on two of our favorite coming out stories: But I’m a Cheerleader and GBF!

00:03:12 – Let’s Have a Kiki! Catch up on the latest Drag Race news, as well as our Pride celebrations, the 14 things that you should NEVER say to your gay friends, and our thoughts on the importance of Wonder Woman’s success.

00:54:37 – Before getting into our two main films, we respond to listener feedback go through a list of other positive youth targeted LGBTQ films.

01:16:30 – Pack your bags, because we’re heading to True Directions to get turned straight, y’all! Our in depth talk on But I’m a Cheerleader!

01:37:00 – We tell tales of our own high school experiences growing up a little…funny, discuss the importance of the term “gay” being highlighted with a positive connotation for the first time, then have a love fest over GBF!

May 23 2017

Episode 33: Carrie White Eats Sh*t

May 11 2017

Episode 32: All This Time We Could Have Been Friends

Straight off the set of the latest feature we were working on, we’re back to call shade on the treatment of gay characters as comic relief cartoons, and candidly dish about the stressful/fun times we had! Then, we delve into our overall thoughts on Feud: Bette and Joan, before discussing two of our favorite hagsploitation films, Bette Davis’ Dead Ringer and Joan Crawford’s Strait-Jacket!

Mar 22 2017

Episode 31: The Stepford Wives/Get Out

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who’ve yet to make up their minds! We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey. A journey to a place where women will just die if they don’t get this recipe, you can attach a pine cone to the top of your vibrator and have a really Merry Christmas, and being black is in fashion. That’s right, kiddies, John and Spencer are taking you to the affluent Fairfield County Connecticut with a triple feature of the original 1975 Stepford Wives, the 2004 star studded remake, and Jordan Peele’s current break out hit, Get Out! Also discussed, Gaston’s gay sissy boy sidekick, Victor Salva’s foulness, and whether or not Jamie Dornan’s rain forest crotch is sexy. You’re welcome.

Feb 4 2017

Episode 30: I Was a Teenage Feminist

Inspired by the heartening recent Woman’s March on DC, we keep the girl power momentum going by talking about two underrated teen, feminist horror modern classics, Ginger Snaps and Jennifer’s Body! But not before we throw plenty of shade and read the Predator in Chief’s controversial* first week in the White House.

* mind blowingly dumbfuck