It’s All About John



My name is John Doolan and I’m a screenwriter that works as a Key PA on the films I write. I’m constantly told those two jobs don’t exactly go together, but whatevs, I like being on set and that’s how I roll. Due to my blatant honesty, those closest to me often refer to me as a high school mean girl trapped inside the body of a straight, twentysomething male, and I totally take that as a compliment. I’m a pop culture junky who often writes every and anything that pops into my head before it goes through that pesky little filter that’s supposed to be inside everyone’s mind, so I’d like to take this moment in advanced to say #NOTsorrynotsorry. I’m obsessed with youth culture media, from TV, to movies, to music, and can totally sing the entire theme song of Degrassi: The Next Generation without skipping a beat. I’m a gym rat who goes effing beast mode during my workouts while listening to showtunes, and I’m secretly out loud obsessed with horror movies and indie art-house cinema. I share custody of 3 cats with my ex-girlfriend. One of them is obese and I like to take unflattering pictures of him and post them on the internetings. His name is Moo and he’s fantastic. If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve worked on, I have one of them there IMDB pages that you can check out. Some of the movies are god awful, others are pretty damn watchable! So stick around…and give yourself over to absolute pleasure.



Seriously though, how amazing is Moo?