Oct 9 2016

Episode 25: Come Little Children

October is upon us, and we kick off a month of all things mad and macabre with our favorite Halloween themed movies and TV specials from our childhoods, before delving into a feature love fest of Hocus Pocus! But first, we spill the tea about RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Christian Slater seducing a Disney star, and the trash reality TV show that was the Presidential Debate.

Sep 13 2016

Episode 24: Rob Zombie’s House of the 31 Reject Lords of Halloween

We’ve seen Rob Zombie’s new film, 31, and go through his entire filmography, touching on how we feel about him as a filmmaker, and how we would rank Sheri Moon Zombie’s performances in all of them. Then we delve into longer, spoiler filled thoughts on our fav of his movies, The Lords of Salem, as well as our immediate thoughts on 31. Also discussed, Lena Dunham in a tuxedo, a trans Matt Bomer, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, and Don’t Breathe

Jul 23 2016

Episode 23: Salty Pancake Batter.

Pack your bags, kiddies, because we’re heading to summer camp! This week, we get a surprisingly effective look into female sexuality as we resurrect 1980’s long lost coming of age dramedy, Little Darlings, then go full love fest and quote happy as we discover what salty pancake batter tastes like in Daniel Waters brilliantly subversive and unfairly rarely seen gem, Happy Campers! Also discussed, Winona Ryder’s triumphant return in Stranger Things, and Spencer’s discovery of the trash classic, Mama’s Dirty Girls!

Jul 4 2016

Episode 7 REWIND: This Time, It’s STILL Personal!

You Can't Sit With Us

Celebrate the 4th of July by revisiting our infamous Jaws Retrospective episode! We took a trip to the drive-in to watch the original masterpiece, then unabashedly gushed over why we love all three controversial sequels!

Jul 3 2016

Episode 22: John and Spencer’s High School Reunion…

You Can't Sit With Us

Last time, Spencer and John took you to the prom. This week, they’re heading to the high school reunion! No, we’re not arguing over who’s the Mary and who’s the Rhoda, but we did have another VHS inspired slasher double feature with 1978’s The Redeemer: Son of Satan and 1986’s Slaughter High! Also discussed, the latest queer-centric headlines, J.Lo’s erotic mess-terpiece , The Boy Next Door, and the darkly satirical merits of The Neon Demon.

Jun 2 2016

Episode 21 – No Fucking Wings!

Teenage fornications are in the spring air, and we have a burning hot date with Hamilton High’s head bitch in charge, Mary Lou Maloney! Join us as we score a home run with Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, then question why the second date wasn’t as satisfying with Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss.

You Can't Sit With Us

May 10 2016

Episode 20 – The Babysitter-Cherry Falls

You Can't Sit With Us

Apr 18 2016

Episode 19 – The kids aren’t all right

You Can't Sit With Us

Mar 3 2016

Episode 18 – Class of ’99 Part 3: 10 Things I Hate About The Rage: Carrie 2

Feb 13 2016

Episode 17 – Our Love is God

You Can't Sit With Us