Mar 22 2017

Episode 31: The Stepford Wives/Get Out

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who’ve yet to make up their minds! We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey. A journey to a place where women will just die if they don’t get this recipe, you can attach a pine cone to the top of your vibrator and have a really Merry Christmas, and being black is in fashion. That’s right, kiddies, John and Spencer are taking you to the affluent Fairfield County Connecticut with a triple feature of the original 1975 Stepford Wives, the 2004 star studded remake, and Jordan Peele’s current break out hit, Get Out! Also discussed, Gaston’s gay sissy boy sidekick, Victor Salva’s foulness, and whether or not Jamie Dornan’s rain forest crotch is sexy. You’re welcome.

Feb 4 2017

Episode 30: I Was a Teenage Feminist

Inspired by the heartening recent Woman’s March on DC, we keep the girl power momentum going by talking about two underrated teen, feminist horror modern classics, Ginger Snaps and Jennifer’s Body! But not before we throw plenty of shade and read the Predator in Chief’s controversial* first week in the White House.

* mind blowingly dumbfuck

Dec 22 2016

Episode 29: Happy Holigays

Even soulless, terrible people, such as ourselves, can get into the Christmas spirit! On this year’s annual Yulish episode, we discuss our go-to list of LGBT friendly Christmas movies that are sure to get you ready for the holigays! Then, we delve into the ever-growing slasher sub-genre of killer Santa films, before exploring the most controversial and divisive ones, Christmas Evil and Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Dec 6 2016

Episode 28 – Donald Trump is a Fugly Slut

Joined by our favorite Nasty Woman, makeup and special effects artist Jackie Zbuska, we break from our usual trash cinema rantings to discuss why Donald Trump is a fugly slut and Mike Pence eats shit. We’re sad, we’re angry, we’re not going to get over it, but we’re still fucking fabulous.

Oct 31 2016

Episode 27: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey through all things Rocky Horror to close out the Halloween season. We discuss the original stage show, the 1975 classic film, it’s cult legacy and influence on us, then close things out with a discussion on the recent misguided remake.

Oct 12 2016

Episode 26: All About Elvira

Our month long Halloween celebration continues with a love letter to horror’s number one Mistress, Elvira, in honor of her 35th anniversary! We’re joined once again by the biggest Elvira fan we know, Alex Dakoulas of, to talk about her Movie Macabre beginnings, cultural impact, feature film ventures, huge gay following, and everything else related to the incomparable Mistress of the Dark! Also, we grab the Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race by the pussy, and dish about the second episode of the trashiest reality TV show this side of Teen Mom, The Presidential Debate.

Oct 9 2016

Episode 25: Come Little Children

October is upon us, and we kick off a month of all things mad and macabre with our favorite Halloween themed movies and TV specials from our childhoods, before delving into a feature love fest of Hocus Pocus! But first, we spill the tea about RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Christian Slater seducing a Disney star, and the trash reality TV show that was the Presidential Debate.

Sep 13 2016

Episode 24: Rob Zombie’s House of the 31 Reject Lords of Halloween

We’ve seen Rob Zombie’s new film, 31, and go through his entire filmography, touching on how we feel about him as a filmmaker, and how we would rank Sheri Moon Zombie’s performances in all of them. Then we delve into longer, spoiler filled thoughts on our fav of his movies, The Lords of Salem, as well as our immediate thoughts on 31. Also discussed, Lena Dunham in a tuxedo, a trans Matt Bomer, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, and Don’t Breathe

Jul 23 2016

Episode 23: Salty Pancake Batter.

Pack your bags, kiddies, because we’re heading to summer camp! This week, we get a surprisingly effective look into female sexuality as we resurrect 1980’s long lost coming of age dramedy, Little Darlings, then go full love fest and quote happy as we discover what salty pancake batter tastes like in Daniel Waters brilliantly subversive and unfairly rarely seen gem, Happy Campers! Also discussed, Winona Ryder’s triumphant return in Stranger Things, and Spencer’s discovery of the trash classic, Mama’s Dirty Girls!

Jul 4 2016

Episode 7 REWIND: This Time, It’s STILL Personal!

You Can't Sit With Us

Celebrate the 4th of July by revisiting our infamous Jaws Retrospective episode! We took a trip to the drive-in to watch the original masterpiece, then unabashedly gushed over why we love all three controversial sequels!