Episode 34: I Was a Teenage Homo

We’re celebrating Pride month with all things gay! After dishing about this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we brace ourselves and go balls deep into the relevance and importance of positive LGBTQ teen movie portrayals, focusing on two of our favorite coming out stories: But I’m a Cheerleader and GBF!

00:03:12 – Let’s Have a Kiki! Catch up on the latest Drag Race news, as well as our Pride celebrations, the 14 things that you should NEVER say to your gay friends, and our thoughts on the importance of Wonder Woman’s success.

00:54:37 – Before getting into our two main films, we respond to listener feedback go through a list of other positive youth targeted LGBTQ films.

01:16:30 – Pack your bags, because we’re heading to True Directions to get turned straight, y’all! Our in depth talk on But I’m a Cheerleader!

01:37:00 – We tell tales of our own high school experiences growing up a little…funny, discuss the importance of the term “gay” being highlighted with a positive connotation for the first time, then have a love fest over GBF!

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